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floribunda rose
Rosengräfin Marie Henriette®
Intensely scented variety in the new PARFUMA-collection, upright-bushy growth habit, nostalgic flowers which are long lasting, even in the rain. Even growth, inspiring rose variety with captivating scent. ADR 2015. Those who are friends with the typical liquorice-like note of anise which is presented by some roses, will love this type. It combines intensely but not importunately this spicy note with the basic body of a classic rose scent. The connecting element is a smooth and soft flavor of fresh apple in the core note. The spicy aspect dominates mainly the fresh flower and makes room for the fruity character the more the flower opens. The fresh and tender rose impression underlines the fruity heart of the scent until the last moment. maximal intensity of fragrance:at noon, in the evening
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