Does this sound familiar to you? You want to have a magical, flowering garden, a terrace with wonderful plants and a scented balcony? And you do not have time or desire to spend your time with demanding plant care? We can offer the solution. More time for you - the collection ROSELAX® with more than 70 healthy rose varieties, all with ADR-label. ROSELAX® is the best choice of splendid Kordes’ Roses that are abundantly flowering and easy-care roses. All varieties of ROSELAX® are decorated with the ADR-label, thus enabling you to simply enjoy the healthy Kordes-Roses – no plant care or plant protection needed. Just savor the beauty of your personal oasis. All roses out of the collection ROSELAX® set themselves apart from the common rose assortment – tested and evaluated in three years at the ADR centers under the harshest conditions and without any use of plant protection. This healthy show of flowers will enchant garden and terraces from June to the first frost and there is nothing stopping your recovery and pleasure. Just relax!