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Dear Rose-Lovers,

we invite you to walk through our fascinating world of roses, to let your rose dreams come true – in your own rosegarden, terrace or little balcony. Without having much work you will enjoy.

Buy your gardenroses at experts in 5th generation
Our passion and know how for roses is well known in the world. No wonder, because our traditional company exists since more than 134 years. We combine down to earthiness with innovation. We offer old traditional roses and also new releases, which will be loved by you.


New Rose Introductions

Our rose novelties enrich our assortment with unbelievable colors and forms. Even for smaller plantings or difficult areas are much more possibilities. They will make a very beautiful figure in stone gardens or even in pots for balcony and sitting areas in your garden.

shrublet rose
floribunda rose
shrublet rose
floribunda rose
climbing rose
Lemon Siluetta®
hybrid tea rose
Ruby Kiss®
shrublet rose