Rose plants made from cuttings (Liners) are best used for balcony boxes, as they do not tend to develop deep roots. These varieties are mostly so called dwarf- or ground cover roses. Their growth habit fills up the balcony containers just perfectly.

In order to make this work you will have to keep in mind the following: 1.) Take about 3 rose plants for one balcony box. The box needs to have holes in the ground in order to avoid accumulation of water in the soil, which will damage the roots. 2.) Irrigate the plants on a regular basis; never let the soil dry out too much. Even in winter sporadic irrigation is needed. 3.) Only use "rose soil" which has the perfect structure for a good growth. Other soils are not recommended. 4.) Fertilization is very important in a balcony box, best use a special rose fertilizer and use the correct dosage. 5.) In wintertime and in order to avoid hard frost, we do recommend brushwood from a fir or something similar to be put in between the upper parts of the rose plant. It is important that the balcony boxes stay out of wind and sun and it is also recommended to make a protection around the boxes (such as Bubble wrap, or similar material suitable for isolation).