Natural gardens where roses can be combined with a great number of perennials are enjoying increasing popularity. Long gone the times when monotonous borders with 20 roses of one kind were planted. The so-called "mixed borders" will show the Queen of the garden together with clematis, hydrangea, day lilies, grasses and hostas. Since several years Kordes follows the trend and has a multitude of wonderful perennials in their assortment. To encourage the trend for natural gardens, we offer a collection called NektarGarten®, where we bring together rose varieties that will lure insects like wild bees, bumble bees and different butterflies in your garden. In the next year this collection will be enlarged with more varieties. All will be very robust and resistant, with ADR-label, care-free and abundant flowering.
It is our goal to contribute in preserving biodiversity - together with you. If you plant those pollinators, you may watch together with your children or grandchildren which insects will visit the flowers. We hope that you will be pleased with our roses and we will be at your disposal for any question you may have.
Your Kordes team